ABC Please Skill

The ABC Please Skill is a self-care styled strategy teaching us to value ourselves. Taking care of ourselves gives us the ability to care for others too.  The ABC Please skill makes us less vulnerable to the negativity of an emotional crisis. The ABC in the skill is an acronym that stands for Accumulate Emotions, Build Mastery and Coping Ahead.

  • A: Accumulate positive emotions by performing activities that induce pleasure, happiness, and self-satisfaction
  • B: Build Mastery by engaging in enjoyable activities such as listening to music, gardening, cooking, reading, watching movies, or engaging in hobbies like playing an instrument. Indulging in such activities increases self-confidence, self-worth, and the feeling of competence.
  • C: Coping Ahead means to plan and prepare for experiences and situations that might trigger an emotional crisis. In such a situation, it can be a challenge to cope. Planning helps us identify the potential triggers and be prepared for them. Doing so helps us formulate strategies to tackle them effectively.


Overwhelming emotions can negatively impact our mental health and make it difficult to cope with our emotions. The PLEASE in Opposite Action is an acronym that teaches us to take care of ourselves both physically and mentally, strengthening us in mind and body to be able to manage life’s challenges better. PLEASE stands for five components that improve physical and emotional well-being.

  • Treat physical illness; don’t neglect your health
  • Eat mindfully and a balanced diet
  • Avoid substances bad for you
  • Sleep more and balance your sleep wake cycle
  • Exercise more frequently