Build Mastery Skill

Building Mastery is all about being competent in the things you enjoy. It could be a hobby like gardening, cooking, or keeping fish; it could even be a skill like playing an instrument. Whatever you do, learn as much from it as possible to be good at it. This is not just about the hobby or skill itself, but about the greater picture to help you be more competent and confident to build mastery in your personal and professional life.

Mental Benefits of Building Mastery

Increases Resilience: Building Mastery makes your more confident to cope better in distressing situations

Reduces Anxiety: Improves low self-esteem, focus and confidence in disorders like GAD (General Anxiety Disorder)

Reduces Stress: Pursuing hobbies and skills helps relieve stress and gives you “me” time.

How To Build Mastery

Here are three steps to building mastery:

Step 1: Try Something New

Try out new hobbies or learn new things, like cooking a new recipe. Plan out your day and set aside a time to implement the practice.

Step 2: Set Goals

Challenge yourself, but don’t pursue things beyond your abilities. Start with small steps and gradually aim higher. Be consistent, remember,  practice makes perfect.

Step 3: Celebrate

Give yourself credit for your achievements and celebrate your milestones. Never push yourself too hard, instead, focus on how to achieve your goals giving due credit to every step achieved. Looking back at your milestones builds mastery, your self-esteem and confidence.

Remember, Building Mastery needs commitment and focus. Be consistent and disciplined in your learning process. Nothing is achieved in a day, so be patient, take your time and work with a positive mindset knowing that you do have the ability to get there.