FAST Skill

The FAST Skill, like most interpersonal effectiveness skills, involves enhancing communication and negotiation. It is utilized to teach individuals the skills of effective communication, emotional regulation, and problem-solving strategies. It is particularly helpful in helping individuals reach their goals and develop abilities to improve expression, negotiation, and emotional management. The FAST skill also teaches you to maintain your integrity without compromising your values. Fast is an acronym that stands for be Fair, no Apologies, stick to Values, and be Truthful.

  • Be Fair: Be fair to others, but include your own feelings as well, which means you should be fair to yourself.
  • Don’t Over-Apologize:  Making a request or desiring to live is a right, so you should not be apologetic about it at all. Neither should you deny yourself the right to an opinion for disagreeing. Do not be ashamed of asserting yourself when you are valid and justified in your opinion.
  • Stick to Your Values: Never sacrifice your integrity and values for unimportant reasons; however, be clear on your moral values and focus on your way of thinking.
  • Be Truthful: Lying gets you nowhere, but being truthful is all about you taking responsibility for your actions. Excuses aren’t a good thing to resort to, especially when you aren’t helpless