Wise Mind Skill

A core concept of DBT Mindfulness, the Wise Mind is a skill nurtured from intuition combined with data acquired from the Emotion and Logic Mind. A Wise Mind helps people focus on the experience and effectively accomplish things. Wise Mind is about achieving a balance between the emotional and rational aspects of our consciousness. The three components of Wise Mind are Emotion Mind, Logic Mind, and Wise Mind.

Emotion Mind

The emotional mind drives our feelings, emotions, and personal experiences. It is a state of consciousness consisting of our passions, fears, anger, and love. When experiencing the state of Emotional Mind, our thoughts and actions are influenced by what we feel in the moment. This improves communication skills and how we connect with others. Emotion Mind also helps in personal motivation and creativity. However, we can only sometimes remain in the emotional mind, as it is unhealthy to linger on in our thoughts and emotions. Allowing our emotions and feelings to solely drive our thoughts and decisions would hinder the ability to think logically about a situation, leading to impulsiveness.

Logic Mind

The Logical Mind or the Reasonable Mind is what helps us be rational and think logically. It is part of our mind that helps us solve math problems, puzzles, make lists, plan daily, and organize. The logical mind is driven by pragmatism, logic, and facts; it helps us with objectivity and focuses on quantity and evidence. In a logical state of Mind, we detach ourselves from our emotions and focus more on efficiency, results, and solutions. DBT Logic Mind helps us achieve a perfect balance between the logical and emotional mind, whose individual inputs are moderated by the Wise Mind.

Wise Mind

The Wise Mind is your mind’s moderator or decision-maker, assessing and analyzing input from the logical and emotional mind. It is the intersection of the Emotional Mind and Logical Mind, integrating rationality and emotional experiences to produce an intuitive knowledge that is both insightful and well-balanced. The Wise Mind helps us acknowledge and value logic, reason, and emotions without allowing either one to dominate one’s thoughts. It helps us make good decisions considering our emotional well-being.